Brainstorming for the 2nd image

I’ve decided to choose “Women’s obsession with beauty” as my debate issue topic. Even though the topic is not so controversial, I believe I could dig in and find some interesting ideas for it. Beauty has always been one of society’s great obsessions. Since the Ancient Greeks, human have struggled with an overvaluation of aesthetic […]


I’ve decided to construct an image that summarizes the movie “Her” (2013) and I’m working on a sketch of how the image will look like. Set in the Los Angeles of the slight future (2025), the story follows Theodore Twonbly, a complex, soulful man who works as a writer of touching personalized letters who can’t […]

First post :D

I’m a first year student studying Communication Studies at AUT and we’ve already given the first assignment. Visual Communication seems to be an interesting paper as it teaches students how to depict ideas, issues, etc visually and deliver messages to viewers. Hopefully I can do well at this and through this paper, I want to […]