How to make a good infographic

I’ve been researching and reading about infographics and how to create a powerful visual. I also found some interesting information about the anatomy of an infographic. A core info graphic is composed of 3 important parts: visual, content and knowledge. 1. Visual -Color Coding -Graphics -Reference Icons 2. Content -Time Frames -Statistics -References 3. Knowledge […]


My infographic describes the process of making Japanese sushi. There are 4 main parts in the A4 image, which are ingredients, process of making sushi rice, the rolling of the sushi and the final outcome. Making sushi is a complicated process that includes many different small steps so my objective was to illustrate it in […]


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I’ve been working quite hard on the image and this is what I’ve done so far. There are still many things to add on to make a complete infographic but as I already created all the main objects, now I only need to duplicate them and move them around as well as adding texts into […]


So I’ve been really busy lately with exams n other assignments that I haven’t really been doing anything for this brief. Over the weekend, I did some work and also some research on how to draw sushi with Adobe Illustrator. I looked up on Google and found many tutorials and interesting articles on this topic […]