My infographic describes the process of making Japanese sushi. There are 4 main parts in the A4 image, which are ingredients, process of making sushi rice, the rolling of the sushi and the final outcome. Making sushi is a complicated process that includes many different small steps so my objective was to illustrate it in a simple yet effective way using colourful catchy objects and texts. The colour I mainly used in my inforgraphics was baby blue, which creates a fresh sense and also refers to sushi as a healthy food. The background colour is quite soft so the colour of the sushi and other stuff can stand out more and attract audiences’ attention. Moreover, I put the process in 5 separate sections so that it’ll be easier to follow and identify which step to do first and after. All the text (except the tittle) was in black colour, which is simple but easy to read.  The most challenging part in making these images was the making of the piece of sushi. Fortunately, I found a very useful website that shows me how to make the details like the rice, nori seaweed, the toppings and other things like the sushi plate, the water bowl, etc. I followed their tutorials carefully and finally succedded in creating a piece of sushi including the toppings using the Pentool. For example, I created the salmon roes by drawing a couple of circles with the ellipse tool and fill them with linear gradients using orange tones. After creating all the main objects I need, I just duplicated them and organised them nicely.The most exciting part about making these info graphics was looking for the fonts and trying them on to see how they look on the images. I had some troubles at the beginning as I successfully downloaded the fonts but did not know how to install them. Then I went and watched some tutorial videos and they showed me how to active the fonts in Adobe Illustrator using FontBook. My A8 size business card is a small version of the large infographic as it  summarise the large graphic’s content. I decided to make this really simple by just adding 2 pieces of sushi and a pair of chopsticks with a short tittle (How to make sushi) so the audience can easily tell what the large graphic is about. I used the same colour tone for both images as they could be related and matching. I also tried to make the text as concise and simple as possible so it doesn’t look super busy in the image because I want the audience to focus more on the visual aspect but still get some primary information out of it. This assignment is really useful as it gives me the opportunity to get to know and work with Adobe Illustrator. I still need to learn and practice more in order to improve my skill in the future!


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