Some ideas for brief 2

In this brief, we are asked to develop an informational graphic that is to illustrate a process visually. The topic we pick must answer the question “How-to” and “How does it work?” by using illustrations, iconography, typography, color and related design elements. I’ve come up with some ideas for this brief such as:

– How a lava lamp works

– How a clock works

– How a television works

– How to grow tomatoes

– How to decorate cupcakes

– How to decorate a Christmas tree

I have a feelings that there are so many interesting topics out there that I could use for my brief but at this point, I can only think of these topics. I’ve never used Adobe Illustrator before and am quite nervous but I’ll try to watch some tutorial videos as well as look for materials to read so hopefully I’ll be doing ok with this one. Fingers crossed!


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