Sketch for brief 2

This is the sketch I did for my second image “Women’s obsession with beauty”. I depicted the obsession of a woman with beauty through her meal. There’s one big plate in the center of the photo with a face of the woman in it. She looks unhappy and depressed. There’s no food on the plates and the table but nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeshadow, etc. which means she doesn’t care about her diet or healthy eating but only cares about her appearance. However, she’s still not happy. Cosmetics become her food and the plate becomes her mirror. It could possibly means that she gotta choose between eating healthy and physical appearance. (don’t know if it makes sense to you guys).


I’ll try to spend more time to work on it to make more details and make it clearer for the audiences.


3 thoughts on “Sketch for brief 2

  1. This is a really cool idea and definitely strikes up emotions on a social issue. I like how you’ve represented it as food. Eating is a super important thing so you can really see how beauty is taking over through this image. Can’t wait to see the work in progress//final image.

  2. I really like your idea! After reading your description of your idea at the beginning, I think it will be really interesting to see how the final turns out like, well done so far!

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