Coloured sketch

I redrew the picture of how I imagine the final image will look like and I also added some details in it.


So there will be a guy holding a pen as his profession is writing love letters for people who are not able to express their feelings by words. There will be some love letters floating around the scene. The man and the woman are holding each others’ hands, showing that they’re in an intimate romantic relationship. Because the woman is not an actual living person but an operating system, she will be portrayed only with the body shape and there’s no face or identifying features. Her image will be covered with computer code only. In the movie, the woman doesn’t have a body and everything audiences know about her is her voice only. However, as their love and desires grow, she desperately wants a body. That’s why in my image, I’ll portray her with a body shape but not a face. The hand holding means more than just a physical touch. It means that even though they’re not in the same world, their love is real and their genuine feelings exist. And when they touch, she becomes a part of him and he becomes a part of her as you can see in the picture, his arm starts absorbing the computer code and her arm starts looking like a human’s.


At the background, there’s a modern city as the story is set in the slight future (2025) and I want to put a bridge behind them as it represents the connection.

Moreover, even though we are not allowed to add any texts into the picture, I wonder if I could use some symbols (heart shapes, question mark, exclamation mark)  to introduce the concept of two people falling in love.  If it’s possible, that would be better and clearer for audiences to get what I want to deliver.

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